If you have a flight or you are flying within 18 hours of your dive, please do not book this activity. You need to ensure that you have a gap of 18 hours after your dive to board a flight.

Please read this note carefully :

As of 15 July, 2017, the Department of National Parks Thailand (DNP) has introduced Marine Park fees for the Phi Phi Marine Park. The fees are:

• Marine Park ticket, 400 Thai Baht for all divers and snorkelers. The Marine Park entry tickets are valid for 3 consecutive days. 

• Plus, if doing a consecutive second or third day of diving, there will be a fee of 200 Thai Baht per day.

Therefore you would pay 400 Thai Baht for the first day of diving and then 200 Baht each day for days 2 and 3 of diving. Snorkelers do not have to pay Marine Park fees if they go out for a second or third day. It is important you keep your entry tickets as proof of purchase. 

Basically, divers and snorkelers only have to pay 400 Thai Baht on the first day.

Note : If you plan to book an afternoon dive please note that we need min 2 pax to take out the boat.


About Scuba diving

What is the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life so far? If it isn’t Scuba Diving, then it is going to be, very soon.
From the moment you take your first breath underwater, you will have your mind blown several times during your time spent underwater, from watching a turtle lazily paddle away to a huge school of tiny fish engulfing you.

Who you’ll be diving with?

Island Divers is a very popular Dive Centre on the unbelievably beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi with countless 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor. Not just that, our own Ithaka travelers have been raving about them from the moment we partnered with them. You are going to love your experience, and If your dive instructor can blow bubble rings in the water, double whammy!

General info

50% of people don’t know how to swim or aren’t very comfortable with it. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. You don’t need to be able to swim, you will have an inflated vest that’ll keep you safe, and a watchful instructor who’ll make sure you are safe and have fun.

Please note:. If you wish to book an underwater camera you can book it with us or at Island Divers directly. Ithaka will not guarantee the pics and will not be involved in any conflict regarding to the Photography package Please note:  underwater photography is the sole responsibility of Island Divers.


Underwater photography : You can get this by informing us in advance or you can book at the dive centre when you arrive.  The payment is made to the dive school directly. It is 1000 Thai Baht to hire the underwater camera and the photos are burnt onto a disk at the end of the day.  You need to be a certified diver to take a camera underwater. Your instructor can't take photos either while you are diving as their priority is to make sure you have completed your training skills and are comfortable in the water. However, your instructor can jump in the water with you and another staff member at lunchtime so you can get some underwater photos or yourselves.

One group of 4 can share the camera but you will only get one disk per group.

6 Hours 23 Oct, 23 Oct, 24 Oct, and more Phi Phi Island, กระบี่

What is included in the tour

  • Delicious Lunch (Veg/Non-Veg) (believe us, we’ve tried it ourselves) - special requirements have to be informed in advance
  • All scuba equipment
  • Snacks, fruit, tea coffee and water in the boat (the pineapples are Yumm.. :D)
  • Snorkelling

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Marine Park Fees which is 400 Thai Baht per person 
  • Underwater photography at THB 1000 

The first step is learning about your scuba equipment, and the basics of underwater safety. This will be covered in a session on land with your instructor, early in the morning.

Next, you’ll get on the boat and ride out to the Phi Phi Marine Park. This is when you’ll put on your scuba gear.

Your first dive will be in a shallow, sheltered bay where you will test and practice hands on what you have learned in the morning session. Once you’re comfortable with your dive gear, you’ll swim off for a dive up to a max depth of 12m. Your instructor will be with you the entire time and you will explore one of the beautiful reefs around the island.

You will come back to the boat, eat, snorkel and generally chill with the other divers for your ‘surface interval’ while the boat moves to the next dive site

Then you will go for your second dive. You will be much more comfortable this time, and be able to enjoy the underwater world in a much more relaxed manner (which also means your air should last longer, yay!). Once you are done, you’ll get back on the boat, take off your gear and weep with joy at the amazing experience you just had. Once back to the dive centre, you’ll get your certificate, which you can use as credits towards your full Open Water Diver course.

Last, you will go on Facebook and put up a kickass photo of you on the boat grinning like an idiot with the hashtag #FindYourIthaka (thank you in advance!)

Ithaka Pro Tip
If you have to pee once you’re all geared up, just do it in the suit. They say there are 2 types of divers in the world. Those who pee in their suits, and those that lie about it ;)


1. Check your confirmation email from Island Divers for important information
2. Complete your booking at Island Divers by 8.00pm the night before your dive. Which means that you need to go the dive shop one day in advance and register yourself for the dive the next morning. Failing to do that, you will not be registered for the dive the next day. That would be very sad :(
3. It is also important you check the medical form attached before you arrive, this is to avoid disappointment if you do have medical issues and are unable to dive. If either of you have or have had any medical conditions you will need a doctor's signature to say you are fit to dive. Our closest doctor is in Phuket, two hours away by ferry so it's best to do this before you come over. I have attached a medical form for you to check. If all questions are answered as NO there is no need for the doctor's signature.
4.You must allow at least 18 hours after diving before flying in an airplane. To avoid any complications, avoid flying 18 hours post the dive.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy - Just let us know 48 hours before and we’ll process your cancellation/changes to your booking, at no extra cost. If you still can’t do that then tell us within 36 hours.

Refund Policy -  If  you cancel 48 hours before your dive date, we will process a full refund. If you cancel once you’re on the dive  boat because of lack of diving skills or fear of water, no refund will be processed since the booking is registered and the equipment has been hired for the dive. 100% charges start from within 48 hours of the dive date or the deposit and once you are on the dive boat.

Insurance - We request you to please have your own travel insurance in which diving is covered as Ithaka don’t provide it for the travelers. 

Special Info - More important than having a great time during diving, it’s important for us to keep you healthy and safe. Hence, if you have any medical conditions that are mentioned on this form (http://www.islanddiverspp.com/Divingmedical.pdf), you’ll have to get a doctor’s permission and his signature saying it’s okay for you to dive. The nearest doctor is in Phuket, so it’s important for you to check this form before arriving on Phi Phi.

Requirement - The minimum age for diving with us is 10 years. Also, you should not fly within 18 hours of diving as it might cause certain side-affects.

If you’re more than 8 people in all, please book at least 48 hours in advance.

Payments – Island Divers accept Thai Baht, Mastercard and VISA for the balance of your payments. Please be aware there is a 3% commission fee for credit card payments. 

Pickup point
Island Divers, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand View on Map