About Scuba diving

What is the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life so far? If it isn’t Scuba Diving, then it is going to be, very soon.
From the moment you take your first breath underwater, you will have your mind blown several times in the 40 odd minutes you’ll spend underwater, from watching a turtle lazily paddle away to a huge school of tiny fish engulfing you.


Who you’ll be diving with?

Aqua vision Krabi - A professional Dive school based out of Krabi

Dive school is in TOP 5 best dive school in Krabi rated 4.9 on Trip advisor by 100s of travelers 

General info

50% of people don’t know how to swim or aren’t very comfortable with it. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. You don’t need to swim during a scuba dive, technically you just have to drown :D
In all seriousness, it is totally cool if you can’t swim. You will have an inflated vest that’ll keep you safe, and a watchful instructor who’ll make sure you don’t do something stupid.


Please note: We do not recommend buying underwater photography, since the quality of the pics are not guaranteed. However if you wish to book or book it from the operator directly, Ithaka will not take guarantee of the pics and will not be involved in any conflict regarding to the Photography package

6 Hours 20 Nov, 21 Nov, 22 Nov, and more

What is included in the tour

What is included in the tour

  • 2 Hour Pool Session
  • 2x Ocean Dives
  • Scuba Equipment Hire
  • Lunch, Fresh Fruit & Bottled Drinking Water on the dive trip

What is NOT included in the tour

  • National Park fees 
  • Transfers